Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Angel Cohn

And now we know who the real losers on "The Biggest Loser" are.

Troyzan ("Survivor")
No man is an island... but apparently someone forgot to tell that to Troyzan. Once he found himself on the outs, he decided to go on a screaming rampage about how amazing he is and then exposed his whole strategy in front of the group. He's got no game, is really rude to everyone, and is a grown man who calls himself "Troyzan."

Buddy and Mark ("The Biggest Loser")
These guys got wind that former contestants could come back and compete, so they threw a hissy fit and said they'd quit (and got all of the other remaining players to band with them) if that happened. Uh, dudes? This occurs every season. Their logic was that it was immoral for the producers to bring these people back because the contestants had been sent home and therefore didn't deserve a second chance. You know, the same people whom Buddy and Mark had voted out because they weren't part of their alliance and were deemed a threat, and not because they didn't shed enough pounds. So while Conda, Jeremy, and Kim decided to stay, Mark and Buddy walked off the show when the producers failed to kowtow to their demands. Ungrateful crybabies.

NeNe ("Real Housewives of Atlanta")
We get that she's busy being Ryan Murphy's muse and thinks she's superior to everyone on this show, but really, she was awful at the reunion -- making everything about money and how much she has, rehashing old drama that no one cares about, and rolling her eyes so hard they practically fell out of her head. She thinks these ladies are all jealous bitches and tried to start a war but got shut down by Sheree with the quick insult: "Fix your face." NeNe should be above this sort of drama now.

Dave ("The Amazing Race")
He's been getting increasingly worse, but now we're at the point that we're worried for his wife Rachel (not the annoying one from "Big Brother"). He's taking this competition so seriously that he went back on his word to his allies about U-Turning teams and then nearly had a brain embolism because Rachel caused them to be in second place. Second. Not last. Not eliminated. Second. The way he constantly belittles her, even though they've been in or near the lead most of the game, is more than a little disconcerting.

Matt ("16 and Pregnant")
There are always deadbeat dads on this show, but this idiot stoner really outdid the lot. He ignored his girlfriend when she was in labor, refused to get a job to help support his kid, and when pushed to actually grow up and see his child more than once a week, he flipped out and said that he wanted to put the kid up for adoption. Plus, he claimed repeatedly that he wasn't high, but it was obvious to anyone with eyes that he was lying.

Maybe Buddy and Mark can't read, but they both signed contracts before going on this show acknowledging that the producers could bring back players whenever they wanted. Also, they said they wanted to "own" themselves. Don't sign your life away to a reality show and take advantage of the free trainers, food, accommodations and trips to Hawaii, and opportunity to meet the First Lady if you want to own yourself. We're sure Michelle Obama's real proud she took time out of her day to meet you.

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