Where Was ‘Westworld’ Filmed? Your Guide to the Dizzying Locations (Photos)

Joe Otterson
Where Was ‘Westworld’ Filmed? Your Guide to the Dizzying Locations (Photos)

‘Westworld’ Filmed Where?

One of the most powerful elements of “Westworld” is the beautiful location shots that make up the Wild West landscape. Click through to see the real-life locations that make up the world of the show

In addition to Melody Ranch/Santa Clarita, there were many other locations in Los Angeles and Venture Counties, as well as in and around Castle Valley, Utah.

Santa Clarita, California

Character’s like James Marsden‘s Teddy and Evan Rachel Wood‘s Dolores could ride for miles across the open spaces in this area of California’s Ventura County

Castle Valley, Utah

Out in Castle Valley, the stunning beauty of the local mountains make it an ideal stand in for the rugged terrain of the Old West

Fisher Valley, Utah

The best imaginable explanation for what “Westworld” is about may come in a single line at the end of the trailer for the 1973 film, in which a recorded voice announces, “We know you’ll enjoy your stay in ‘Westworld,’ the ultimate resort, where nothing, nothing can possibly go wrong … go wrong … go wrong …”

The same goes for nearby Fisher Valley, which offers incredible views if you’re Ed Harris‘ Man in Black looking to carve out a place in the world

Melody Ranch, Newhall, California

The Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio was once owned by Western star Gene Autry and continues to serve as a glimpse into the area’s frontier past

Paramount Ranch, Agoura, California

Paramount Pictures first acquired this spacious ranch in 1923. It has served as a filming location for shows like “CSI,” “Weeds,” and “The X-Files”

“Westworld” premieres on Oct. 2 on HBO