‘Westworld’: When Good VR Goes Bad

On Sunday’s series premiere of HBO’s Westworld, we met a cast that plays western characters, the visitors that pretend to live among them, and the creators of the town who play God trying to control them all.

The town was split into two: those who are virtual characters, playing the part of everyday townsfolk, and visitors who show up in the town to live out their fantasy of living in the Wild West.

Evan Rachel Wood played Dolores, a beautiful woman in the western town and James Marsden played her virtual love interest, who repeatedly saved her. Thandie Newton played the role of a mistress in the town brothel.

Ed Harris showed up to the town in a black hat, playing an unnamed villain, hell-bent on learning the deeper parts of the “game.”

Anthony Hopkins played Dr. Ford, the mastermind behind the entire venture.

Despite the virtual playground for the visitors to enjoy, the characters seemed to have genuine human emotions beyond the game. Like most games, there were glitches that appeared. Villains seemed to have free rein in committing crime, and Dolores’s dad called for revenge against Dr. Ford. The episode ended with Dolores implying that she had some amount of free will within the simulation.

Westworld airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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