‘Westworld': Who Else Might Be a Secret Robot? (Photos)

Phil Owen
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‘Westworld': Who Else Might Be a Secret Robot? (Photos)

(There are, obviously, spoilers for “Westworld” throughout this gallery.)

As is the case with every movie or TV show about robots that look like humans, the seventh episode of “Westworld” revealed that one of the people we thought was human was actually a secret robot the whole time. Which opens the door to, well, anybody being a robot. So with two episodes left in the season, let’s take a look at our possible Secret Robots.

The big reveal in episode 7 was that Bernard (Geoffrey Wright), the head tech guy at the company that runs the Westworld park, is actually a robot enforce working, unknowingly, for the villainous Dr. Ford. This has us feeling pretty paranoid, because if any character on the show could fit the label of “protagonist” thus far it was Bernard. Suddenly, everybody’s motivations are in question.

Everybody talks about Arnold — Ford’s partner in creating the Westworld android technology who allegedly died in the park 35 years earlier after coming up with this Maze that everybody is obsessed with — as if he were a human. And yet a bunch of the robots in the park can hear him talking to them. If Arnold was himself a robot, it’s not a huge stretch to think he could have transferred his consciousness into a server somewhere.

However, it could be that Arnold was human and Ford (Anthony Hopkins) was himself a creation who rebelled against his human creator — Ford has talked lately about their ideological differences leading to some sort of falling out before Arnold’s supposed death. Plus, now that we’ve seen Maeve’s robot-controlling skills at work, there’s no reason to think Ford’s command of the robotic horde eliminates him from consideration.

Bernard murdered Theresa (Sidse Babett Knudsen) and framed it up as an accident, the others were discussing what she might have been doing and why she was doing it. Ford describes the death as the end of “her story, and security dude Ashley Stubbs makes a comment about it not being “in her character” to have been in the odd location in which she was found. Which is, you know, how these people talk about the robots.

Several episodes prior, Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth) and Elsie went out into the park to find a stray, and Elsie was enamored by a pattern that a malfunctioning robot had marked on a bunch of wood carvings. Stubbs identifying the pattern as the constellation Orion, and quipped that maybe he only knows that because it’s in his backstory. Does Stubbs just flippantly act like people are robots as a joke or some kind of weird habit, or is there some deeper meaning to that?

Whenever Felix (Leonardo Nam) has the chance to shut Maeve down as she’s been making her power play, he has this look that’s pretty reminiscent of when a host tries to shoot a host in the face but can’t because their programming won’t allow it. And if Maeve’s ascension is part of Ford or Arnold’s grand scheme, it would make sense to put a tech in a position to help out.

Sylvester (Ptolemy Slocum) and Felix’s conflict over what to do with Maeve could be the struggle between Arnold and Ford playing out in microcosm. Also, Maeve cut Sylvester’s throat but apparently that would can be easily patched up with the same tools they use to patch up the robots?

We’ve seen some fan theories positing that Westworld is really just a simulation for some kind of experimentation — meaning that both the guests and the hosts would be robots. Which would make William (Jimmi Simpson) and Logan (Ben Barnes) — and the Man in Black (Ed Harris)– robots participating in that simulation. Robots who are playing by different rules from the host-bots.

There’s no real evidence that Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) is a robot, but it seems plausible that she’s another tool in the Arnold-Ford War. She definitely doesn’t know she’s a robot, if she is.

The way Ford treats Lee Sizemore (Simon Quarterman), the lead writer of the story arcs in the park, is akin to how guests like to mess with the hosts. Ford has torn down everything Lee has tried to do since the series began, and now he’s got him working, apparently, on a villain character who won’t even be used.

Elsie (Shannon Woodward) could be a robot, right? She works for Ford, but also he killed her, so I don’t know. I have to include her, for reasons I’ll explain on the next slide.

Maybe everybody on the whole show is a robot. The setting has been totally contained thus far, never extending beyond the park. Westworld could be some kind of elaborate artificial intelligence experiment, with the people who run it also, perhaps unknowingly, themselves being the outer layer of the experiment. I would bet on this one, but if it’s true I wouldn’t expect it to be revealed for a couple more seasons.