Watch the Season Premiere of 'The Exes' Early [Exclusive Full Episode]

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Watch the Season Premiere of 'The Exes' Early [Exclusive Full Episode]

The comedic star power on TV Land's "The Exes" is first-rate, and the cast's wicked funny skills are on full display in the no-holds-barred, blushworthy Season 3 premiere, "Toy Story." And trust us, this episode has nothing to do with Disney/Pixar.

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When Stuart mistakes Holly's (Kristen Johnston) "BOB" (battery-operated boyfriend) for a back massager while he's housesitting her place, the guys — Phil (Donald Faison) and Haskell (Wayne Knight) — blow his mind with the truth. But when they break said device by sitting on it (Phil blames Haskell!), they all freak out, leading to an unfortunate series of events.

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The fellows might have had a few more days to figure things out, but Holly's boyfriend, Paul, had to leave town suddenly on business, and she is in need of some alone time. So they rush to find a solution. Their efforts all culminate in a blaze of glory. Well, not exactly glory.

Season 3 of "The Exes" premieres on Wednesday, 6/19 at 10:30 PM on TV Land, following the live premiere of "Hot in Cleveland."