Watch the First 4 Minutes of 'Defiance,' Episode 7 [Exclusive Video]

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Previously on "Defiance," Sukar (Noah Danby) — the gruff Irathient who leads the boho-steampunk-esque Spirit Rider motorcycle gang — had established that Irisa (Stephanie Leonidas) had been touched by the Irathient gods and has "the sight." Her adoptive human dad, Nolan (Grant Bowler), originally dismissed her visions as post-traumatic stress until she proved their validity by using them to save the town.

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In this exclusive four-minute sneak peek at Episode 7, "Good Bye Blue Sky," the Spirit Riders get caught in a raging "razor rain" downpour. Razor rain is the horrific future version of acid rain. But, unlike acid rain, razor rain will pierce holes in your body when you walk or, more likely, run for your life through it.

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When Sukar makes a futile attempt to save a fallen fellow rider, he gets paid back for the good deed with a shard of alien spaceship cutting into his jugular (assuming the Irathient jugular is in the same spot as in humans). Irisa shows up just in time for Sukar to give her an ominous message: "What we must do is for the good of all." What's that about?

Too late — he dies right in front of her before he can say another word. But wait a second; she's not really there. In fact, none of this has even happened — yet. It's all part of a new vision in Irisa's mind.

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Can she get there in time to save her friends before they get sliced and diced? Perhaps asking papa Nolan to come along to the Badlands will change the course of her vision, or perhaps she is only putting another person at risk. Either way, it's going to be tough to save anyone from jagged chunks of plunging metal unless she can get them to shelter quickly.

"Good Bye Blue Sky" airs on Monday, 6/3 at 9 PM on Syfy.