Watch the First 3 Minutes of 'The American Baking Competition' Premiere [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

If you subscribe to the "Life's short; eat dessert first" philosophy, Yahoo! TV and CBS have got a treat for you. There's no need to wait until tomorrow night's premiere of the "The American Baking Competition" to see what's cooking. View the first three minutes of the debut right here, right now — and maybe even get an idea on which of the 10 amateur bakers will rise to the top.

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In less than 180 seconds, you'll get an idea of the sugar highs (and lows) the series promises to deliver. The clip gives a quick peek at who is playing — for the inaugural U.S. title, a publishing contract with Simon & Schuster's Gallery Books, and $250,000 — and where they found them (e.g., on the farm, in a law office, in a firehouse, and apparently mid-workout). One bearded baker is there to prove pastry preparation isn't just for the opposite sex, while a fellow apron wearer argues that it is more craft and science than hobby. It isn't hard to spot the mushy macaroon-makers that will inevitably crumble under the harsh critiques of judges Marcela Valladolid (a former Bon Appetit editor, and host of Food Network's "Mexican Made Easy") and Paul Hollywood, who holds the same power position on the original British version of the series (we're looking at you, hot cross [hair] buns!), or which ones will provide the kitchen's comic relief. The redneck blonde might even give host Jeff Foxworthy (who's worried he'll weigh 1,000 pounds by the end of this gig) a run for his money.

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It also basically outlines how each episode will work. There will be three different bakes each week: the signature bake (a trusted recipe they've made often), the technical bake (replication of a dish using an incomplete recipe), and the showstopper (the last chance to truly wow the judges and win immunity to live to bake another day). Every week, a star baker will be chosen and the worst performer will be asked to pack their rolling pins and go.

"The American Baking Competition" starts May 29 at 8 PM on CBS.