Watch the 'Hot in Cleveland' Season 4 premiere before it airs Wednesday, Nov. 28

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"Hot in Cleveland" -- "That Changes Everything"
Pierre (Regis Philbin) uses his soothing voice, and Joy?s (Jane Leeves) silk robe to calm the baby. Owen (Michael McMillian) and Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) watch Pierre work. The new season of "Hot in Cleveland" premieres November 28th at 10pm ET/PT on TV Land.

There are a whole lot of new faces on the fourth-season premiere of "Hot in Cleveland," and they range from an infant to Heather Locklear to Regis Philbin.

Guest star Philbin steals the show as hairdresser Pierre, who has the hots for his client Elka (Betty White). How randy does their new romance get? Picture it: Pierre, entering the ladies' living room in a pink silk robe.

But now that Elka has finally given in to his 20-year pursuit of her, she fears he's going to take her for granted, especially when one of his other female clients is begging for a shag.

"You better mean the haircut!" Elka tells him.

Pierre: "Don't hate the stylist, baby, hate the game."

Meanwhile, Joy's son, Owen, shows up with a baby in tow, and the women all fall in love with him instantly, leading to revelations about their parenting styles. Victoria, for instance, shares that babies stop crying when you turn the baby monitor off at night. "Not a peep," she tells her incredulous friends.

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Victoria's child care skills come into play later in the episode when she takes baby Wilbur (last name: Burr … say it quickly three times) with her on an audition for a Woody Allen movie filming in Cleveland.

Let's just say Victoria (Wendie Malick) returns home from the audition with a pair of surprises.

And while the baby and romance dramedy is playing out for Joy (Jane Leeves), Victoria, Elka, and Owen, Melanie (Valerie Bertinelli) stumbles into a new job opportunity, helping a prickly PR exec named Chloe (Locklear) promote the city of Cleveland.

Chloe's more than a tad demanding (think Amanda Woodward, a few years meaner), and she's also territorial about her business partner, Alec (guest star Jay Harrington), a fact Melanie learns only after a close encounter with the man Cleveland magazine has named the city's "most eligible bachelor."

Watch Yahoo! TV's exclusive premiere of the "Hot in Cleveland" Season 4 opener to find out how life in the ladies' C-Town home is about to get more crowded.


"Hot in Cleveland" premieres Wednesday, 11/28 at 10 PM on TV Land.