Watch Rare ‘I Love Lucy’ Behind-the-Scenes Color Footage (Video)

Rosemary Rossi
The Wrap

Rare color footage shot behind-the-scenes on the set of “I Love Lucy” has surfaced, showing comic legend Lucille Ball “clowning” around and Desi Arnaz banging away on his conga drum.

More than a half-century before people would sneak iPhones into concerts and TV show tapings, a studio audience member covertly shot what appears to be 8mm film of the classic sitcom.

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According to, Jess Oppenheimer, who was a producer on “I Love Lucy,” obtained the rare color footage shot on Oct. 12, 1951 and inter-cut it with the black and white scenes in the episode titled “The Audition” which aired on Nov. 19 of that year.

Check it out above.

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