Watch Donald Trump Tell Dr. Oz He’s Basically the Pinnacle of Health (Video)

Tony Maglio

Donald Trump spoke about his medical history recently with Dr. Mehmet Oz during a taping of the “Dr. Oz” show, during which the businessman-turned-politician basically told the television host he’s in flawless shape.

A new clip has just reached the web this morning as the episode airs — and it’s posted above. Expect more to hit the internet momentarily, but the snippet contains a lot of what the world was waiting for. (Now, about those tax records…)

In the “Dr. Oz” video, aside from admitting to taking a cholesterol-lowering medication for “a couple of years,” Trump swears he’s pretty much perfect. Oz got to see some numbers on a one-sheet, but it doesn’t sound like they were comprehensive. Also, he apparently didn’t expect the big reveal, so its unclear what could be gleaned from a glance.

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If one takes Trump’s word for it, the guy’s as fit as they come. “I haven’t had a cold in a long time — years,” the presidential candidate said.

Trump also swore he doesn’t get headaches, but admitted to an occasional bout with hay fever, something the GOP hopeful says has subsided as he’s aged. The two men quickly ran through the body, from head to toe — a basic review of symptoms. We’re all clear.

“People are amazed,” Trump concluded of his health. Watch the video above.

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