Watch Daniel Try Gelato for the First Time on ‘Rectify’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Oriana Schwindt

Rectify” protagonist Daniel Holden (Aden Young) had been sent to death row long before gelato became available on every street corner in America. And so in this exclusive clip of Wednesday’s episode of “Rectify” provided exclusively to Variety, Daniel gets to try some of the frozen confection for the first time, thanks to new friend Chloe (Caitlin FitzGerald).

Daniel had been banished from his home state of Georgia — a legal punishment — at the end of Season 3 in order to avoid going back to trial for the same crime for which he was sent to death row, a crime he himself doesn’t know if he committed. But the fact of whether Daniel did or did not murder a girl in high school has never been the point of the show, and as we enter the last stretch of the series — Wednesday’s episode marks the halfway point of this final season — it’s even more peripheral. “This story is about a man’s search for meaning,” creator Ray McKinnon told the New York TV Festival after screening the season premiere in October. “He’s an honest man. It’s always difficult for an honest man to make his way in the world.”

“Rectify” entered its fourth and final season on SundanceTV with an astonishing score of 99 of 100 on Metacritic. “By being so careful about how it depicts the characters’ emotional states, and by giving each important moment and connection room to reverberate, ‘Rectify’ also allows the audience to go on an exceptional journey,” Variety’s Maureen Ryan wrote just before the season premiere.

“Rectify” airs Wednesdays on SundanceTV at 10/9c.

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