Watch 56 Episodes of 'Star Trek' at the Same Time, With Sound (Video)

Kimberly Potts
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Watch 56 Episodes of 'Star Trek' at the Same Time, With Sound (Video)

Ever wanted to watch two seasons worth of the original "Star Trek" series at once? Sure, it seems, as Spock would say, illogical, but thanks to an ambitious Trekkie on YouTube, one 50-minute YouTube clip will unspool 56 "Trek" episodes at the same time, with sound.

The video, compiled by YouTube user twilight1138, features the complete first and second seasons of the 1966-69 series, with one exception: points out twilight1138 swapped the first episode of season three in for the first episode for season one, in the interest of episode length parity.

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Here's hoping twilight1138 puts his episode collage design to work on those 20 seasons of "Law & Order" we'd love to watch someday. And that no one who watches this has a seizure.

Watch the video:

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