‘Walking Dead’ Star Norman Reedus Injured by an Overzealous Fan



The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus was on Live With Kelly and told Kelly Ripa and her guest co-host, Carrie Ann Inaba, that he’s sporting some medical equipment because of an overzealous fan. “I am wearing a knee brace right now because a very strong woman lifted me off the ground and twisted my knee,” Reedus shared. “I actually have a knee brace on right now.”

Reedus apparently has some of the wildest fans in show business. “I heard that you got breast implants,” Inaba told Reedus. “I got them ages ago, and they just keep coming,” Reedus replied.

The fan who hurt his knee did some damage, but that’s nothing compared with one fan who tried to Eatus Norman Reedus. “There was a really nice lady, and I went in to hug her, and she kind of turned into a werewolf,” Reedus said. “She kind of howled to the sky and chomped on me. … I had teeth marks, and then they escorted her out of the building, and she goes, ‘What happened?’ ‘Ma’am, you just bit Norman.’ ‘I did?’ It was a very strange thing.”

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