‘Walking Dead’ Star Jeffrey Dean Morgan Talks Dave Chappelle Playing Negan on ‘SNL’

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It seems like nobody can get enough of Negan, the coolest bad guy on TV. Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on The Walking Dead, joined the Today show, where he talked about Dave Chappelle’s hilarious parody on Saturday Night Live. Chappelle hosted SNL for the first time ever on Nov. 12, where he did a remake of the already iconic scene from the Season 7 premiere of Walking Dead in which Negan bludgeons two of the show’s main characters, with Chappelle playing Negan, of course. And Morgan didn’t think it could be any cooler.

“For him to come back after taking a 10-year, kind of, break. And to bring back his favorite characters that we love, I guess. And to do Negan — was awesome,” Morgan said.

That’s right. Chappelle didn’t just play Negan. He brought with him some Chappelle’s Show favorites to take the place of the cast of The Walking Dead. He brought back the lovable crackhead, Tyrone; the former Hater of the Year, Silky; blind, black racist Clayton Bigsby; and, of course, Lil Jon. WHAT?!

As for Chappelle, he was the perfect embodiment of Negan.

“He nailed it. He nailed it,” said Morgan, adding, “It was like looking in a mirror.”

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