‘Walking Dead': Maggie’s Most Badass Moments (Photos)

Joe Otterson
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‘Walking Dead': Maggie’s Most Badass Moments (Photos)

‘Walking Dead': Maggie’s Most Badass Moments (Photos) (Spoiler Alert) Lauren Cohan’s character has proven herself a force to be reckoned with throughout the series

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is one of several strong female characters on “The Walking Dead,” but her recent actions have inspired us to look back on some of her downright heroic moments throughout her time on the series. Maggie was definitely in charge the first time she and Glenn hooked up. When Glenn absentmindedly grabbed a box of condoms, Maggie took command and got down and dirty with him right then and there.

When Lori went into labor at the prison, she begged Maggie to cut the baby out of her in order to save it. Maggie reluctantly did so, killing Lori but saving Judith in the process. When The Governor made his first assault on the prison, Maggie and Glenn donned riot gear and fended off his forces with automatic weapons.

Maggie left Sasha and Bob behind as she tried to reunite with Glenn, determined not to let them die for her. But when Sasha comes under attack from a group of walkers, Maggie springs into action and takes out a lot of them armed with nothing more than a street sign.

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