'The Walking Dead' Looks Ahead: 'It's On' (Video)

Greg Gilman
The Wrap

Now that Rick and The Governor have finally discovered each other's existence on "The Walking Dead," showrunner Glen Mazzara says of the remaining eight episodes of season three: "It's on."

"The first half of the season, we established these two different worlds," Mazzara explains in a new featurette for the hit AMC drama. "Now they have found out about each other and all I can say is, it's on."

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Perhaps this isn't a surprise to anyone who watched the midseason finale last Sunday. When the show returns Feb. 10, much of the action will be spurred by The Governor's ruthless retaliation for the attack on Woodbury.

David Morrissey, who plays the conniving character, implies the loss of his zombie daughter will only make him more dangerous to his newfound enemies.

"We start to see the real birth of the Governor that people will know," the actor says. "He literally doesn't care anymore ... and that makes him a much more dangerous man."

Find out what other danger lies ahead in the video below:

Also, AMC has released a quick glimpse of episode nine, "The Suicide King," which features Daryl and Merle continuing their untimely family reunion.

Watch here:

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