‘Walking Dead’ Leaders Ranked Worst to Best, From Rick to Negan (Photos)

Joe Otterson
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‘Walking Dead’ Leaders Ranked Worst to Best, From Rick to Negan (Photos)

‘Walking Dead’ Leaders Ranked Worst to Best: From Rick to Negan (Photos)

On “The Walking Dead,” plenty have tried to lead, but few have been successful. Here we look back on all those who led others to safety or their graves

Gregory (Alive). Leader of: Hilltop Colony. Gregory runs Hilltop…for now anyway. He has shown himself to be an ineffectual leader who immediately caved to The Saviors. He is currently recovering from a knife wound sustained when one of his own tried to kill him to appease Negan.

Deanna (Deceased). Leader of: Alexandria. Deanna helped keep Alexandria together early on. She was a great judge of character, but did not recognize the walker threat for what it was. She died after the walls of Alexandria fell, leaving the community to Rick.

Dawn took charge of the hospital when her predecessor failed to keep people safe. But her practice of requiring forced labor in exchange for meds earned her no friends, and eventually led to her death

Gareth and his fellow Terminus residents promised weary travelers sanctuary, only to kill and eat them cannibal style. He became obsessed with getting revenge on Rick, eventually leading to his death at Rick’s hands. Hershel kept himself and his family safe on his farm during the early days of the outbreak, eventually offering shelter to Rick and his group. But Hershel believed that the walkers could be returned to human form, which proved a costly mistake.