Walking Dead DVD Exclusive: The Lost Season 3 Scene That Will Have Carol-Daryl Fans Swooning

Michael Ausiello

Carol and Daryl are so getting it on next season on The Walking Dead.

A never-before-seen sequence from Season 3′s 11th episode between Carol and Daryl’s late brother Merle, featured in the AMC smash’s S3 Blu-ray and DVD release (out Aug. 27) and previewed below, sheds startling new light on the deep bond between the survivors. 

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In the clip, Carol extends a tasty peace offering to fellow “inmate” Merle, but before you can say “holy bait-and-switch Batman,” the soft-spoken widow bares her claws and delivers a rather graphic threat to the neighborhood bully.

Press PLAY below and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Carol and Daryl are so getting it on in Season 4 (bowing Oct. 13), right?

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