Walking Dead Ahead: Will The Saviors Discover Maggie At Hilltop?

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Another week, another bottle episode, but this time it was longer! Yay…? The entirety of these 80-odd minutes could have neatly fit into a regular runtime if they’d only edit out all of the long pauses and Negan’s lip licking. But that’s why they hired Jeffrey Dean Morgan — no one licks lip like JDM!

Looking ahead, we can see that Spencer is surely being added to the short and doomed list of “People Who Have Challenged Rick’s Rule.” Whereas Gabriel has found a way to get his name removed from it. We’re also going to find out what the Hilltop has been up to, and if Gregory is still a creep. My guess is yep, still a creep. Since the Saviors think she’s dead, will Maggie be able to avoid their intrusion, or will she sleep through most of it?

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And I’m still not buying this “Negan is in charge now” rhetoric from Ol’ Grimesy. He’s up to something, but he can’t run the risk of letting Negan catch wind of anything. Carl and Michonne are ready for revenge, but Rick knows that it’s a dish best served cold. And with some guns on the side of which they only have ONE at the moment. So, I’d say Step One is get more guns. Step Two: get Negan some chapstick. And Step Three is come back next week for more Walking Dead Ahead.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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