‘Walking Dead’ and 10 More Agonizing TV Cliffhangers (Photos)

Joe Otterson
‘Walking Dead’ and 10 More Agonizing TV Cliffhangers (Photos)

‘Walking Dead’ and 10 Other Outrageous TV Cliffhangers (Photos)

“The Walking Dead”–Enter Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan made a lasting impression as the villainous Negan, but fans were left fuming when his first victim on the show was hidden until the Season 7 premiere

“Game of Thrones”–Dear Jon Jon Snow may know nothing, but he knew even less when he was killed at the end of Season 5. But given the show’s magical underpinnings, the chances of him being resurrected left fans salivating until Season 6 premiered

“Star Trek: The Next Generation”–Picard Goes Borg Jean Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise were sent to intercept the Borg cube before it reached Earth in the end of Season 3. Instead, the Borg kidnapped Picard and assimilated him, with his fate left unresolved until Season 4

“Dallas”–Who Shot JR? The most famous cliffhanger in TV history. JR Ewing was no angel, but viewers were left stunned when he was shot by a mystery assailant in the show’s Season 3 finale

“The Simpsons”–Who Shot Mr. Burns?The most famous cliffhanger in animated TV history. Everyone in Springfield had a reason to kill Monty Burns after he blotted out the sun for his own selfish ends in the Season 6 finale. But who among the Simpsons’ neighbors would resort to murder?

“The Sopranos”–Seriously?OK, this one was problematic. The Season 6 finale was also the series finale and everyone wanted to know what would happen to Tony. But when the episode abruptly cut to black, fans were ready to break out the cement shoes