Video: Steve Harvey Breaks Down During Surprise Reunion

Robyn Ross
TV GuideJanuary 23, 2013

Daytime talk shows often stage emotional reunions, but what happens when the host is the one surprised?

During a taping last week, Steve Harvey took an unexpected satellite call from someone wishing him a happy 56th birthday. As the man came on screen, Harvey immediately choked up.

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"This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida," the man said. "Do you still love me, baby?"

After a brief silence, Harvey finally said, "Hey man, I love you."

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Harvey soon explained, "I was 26 years old, struggling, I didn't have nothing and these people owned a furniture store in Cleveland and these people took me in and gave me my first contract with my little carpet cleaning company. When I was 27, I became a comedian and they gave me an account at their travel agency...I've been looking for you for years! Thank you. You bailed me and I never forgot it."

Watch the reunion:

Did you tear up?