Video: Megan Fox Inspires Young Men to Learn English in Brazilian Ad

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

"Transformers" star Megan Fox is the latest Hollywood celeb to make a little extra cash appearing in a foreign commercial. And surprise: This one isn't even embarrassing! (Well, it's definitely less embarrassing than, say, "Jonah Hex.")

Following the lead of fellow foreign pitchmen Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston, Fox puts her sex appeal to work in this ad for Brazilian foreign-language school CCAA. A pair of teen boys wash up on a remote island after a plane crash, only to be greeted by the very alluring Ms. Fox. She welcomes them to "Megan Fox Island," where clones of Megan frolic together in paradise. Every Brazilian boy's dream, right?

But alas, the teens are stopped short when they can't communicate with Megan -- because they can't speak English. (Guess she's not interested in the international language of love.) Annoyed, the starlet banishes the boys back to the sea, where they arrive on another, less enticing island: Mike Tyson Island, where clones of the boxing champ (in a nice cameo) preside over a bleak, savage wasteland. 

If there's a better reason for young Brazilian boys to learn English, we haven't heard it. Check out the commercial right here:

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