Video: Kathy Griffin Awkwardly Strips Down on 'Letterman'

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

What is it about David Letterman that makes women want to take their clothes off?

Following in the grand tradition of Drew Barrymore's memorable 1995 flashing of Dave, comedienne Kathy Griffin decided to show a little skin last night on CBS's "Late Show." But while the Barrymore incident was fun and spontaneous, Griffin's striptease was... well, a little awkward.

Griffin was explaining how she shocked her CNN New Year's Eve co-host Anderson Cooper by stripping down to her underwear on live TV. After the clip played, she offered to reprise the stunt for Dave, saying "I'll do it right now," to which Dave gamely replied, "Go ahead."

But Griffin had trouble getting out of her black cocktail dress, struggling with the zipper while the 64-year-old host stood to the side, leering like a creepy uncle. Dave eventually helped her unhook the dress, which Kathy peeled down to reveal her bra, but it was all a little anticlimactic. And icky. (Why does Kathy Griffin insist on showing us her body?)  

Anyway, it was definitely no Drew Barrymore, but you can watch the incident right here: