Video: Jerry Seinfeld Says He Was Never Comfortable With 'Seinfeld's' Success

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

Most comedians would consider it a dream come true if their sitcom became the biggest hit of the decade and paid them millions of dollars. But for Jerry Seinfeld? Not so much.

The star of NBC's now-classic sitcom "Seinfeld" sits down with fellow comedian David Steinberg on Showtime's new interview series "Inside Comedy" to discuss his show's massive success. And though the show made him a household name and earned him untold amounts of cash, Seinfeld confesses that he never felt comfortable being a huge TV star.

"Acceptance is a very dangerous thing for comedians," Seinfeld says, explaining that comedians are fueled by rejection, and success can snuff out the righteous anger and "loud desperation" from which great comedy springs. So when "Seinfeld" ended in 1998, he went back to basics, traveling to L.A. to restart his stand-up career. He goes on to say he's never accepted the label of being a "comedy star": "I always thought that 'comedy' and 'star' are mutually exclusive."

Comedy fans, take note: Along with the Seinfeld interview, this week's "Inside Comedy" premiere also features Steinberg chatting with legendary insult comic Don Rickles. Uh oh... here's hoping Mr. Steinberg has some thick skin.

"Inside Comedy" premieres Thursday, 1/26 at 11pm on Showtime.

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