Victoria Gets a Nasty Surprise on 'Revenge' [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV Staff
Yahoo! TV

We've been loving every second of ABC's addictive soap "Revenge" this season -- and with only two episodes to go till the finale, the twists are coming fast and furious. We've got an exclusive sneak peek at one of those twists right here, as Victoria confronts her estranged husband, Conrad, this week... and is met with a nasty surprise. Check it out:

Victoria can't be too upset that Conrad's fooling around again; after all, she had her own sexy rendezvous with that painter in the city. But Lydia? Guess falling several stories onto a car roof didn't hurt her libido any. 

Tune in to "Revenge" this week to see what happens -- and be sure to download our super-cool TV app, IntoNow, and enter our "Revenge" sweepstakes to win a luxury getaway in the Hamptons.

"Revenge" airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on ABC.