‘Vice Principals’ Finale Gets Explosive

Jeremy Belanger

During Sunday’s finale of the first season of Vice Principals, Russell and Gamby’s plan came together and fell apart in a gruesome way. The two confronted Belinda Brown with a video of her gin-soaked night and accidentally revealed that they had burned down her house.

After a surprise fistfight between Brown and the two men, she decided to resign as principal.

Later, Russell marveled at their accomplishment. “You did some low-down dirty moves. Vandalizing the school, burning her house down … bonding with her as a single parent, finding out that gin was her weakness and using that gin against her? F***ing bravo, Gamby.” The two then reveled in being announced as co-interim principals.

That elation was cut short, as Gamby found their cars on fire in the parking lot. As he tried to put out the flames, he was confronted by a masked stranger who shot him. We’re left seeing Gamby lying on the parking lot asphalt bleeding next to his burning car, presumably at the hands of Brown.

Vice Principals airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.

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