Vera Farmiga cast as Norman Bates's mother in 'Psycho' series

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The last time we saw Norman Bates's mother at the end of "Psycho," she wasn't quite herself. But now, in an upcoming A&E prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock's iconic 1960 film, Mrs. Bates is more than just a (spoiler alert!) skeleton with a wig.

Vera Farmiga, the Academy Award-nominated actress best known for her work in "Up in the Air" and "The Departed," will play Norma Bates in the hotly anticipated "Bates Motel." The show's executive producer Carlton Cuse said, "[Farmiga] is a phenomenal talent who has demonstrated incredible range and intelligence in a number of landmark film roles, and we couldn’t be more excited to have her join our project."

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She’s not exactly Jamie Lee Curtis, but Farmiga has some horror cred of her own. Farmiga has lent her talents and electric eyes to two creepy flicks from recent years – “Orphan” and “Joshua.” In both films, she played the mom to a very troubled child. Hmm.

This isn't the first time fans of the Bates family have returned to that out-of-the way motel with the ominous house on the hill. "Psycho" spawned several sequels, though none were nearly as well-received as Hitchcock's classic tale of terror. The TV series will give fans a chance to see Norman as a younger man, under the influence of his cuckoo mom.

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The role of Norman Bates has yet to be cast, but we're of the opinion that "The Sixth Sense's" Haley Joel Osment would make a heckuva good choice. Got your own casting suggestions? Remember, young Norman should be meek but have the potential to go a little mad sometimes. After all, we all go a little mad sometimes.

[UPDATE: As commenters pointed out, this won’t be the first time fans have seen young Norman and his cuckoo mom. Young Norman was played by Henry "E.T." Thomas in "Psycho IV: The Beginning."]