Vampires DO Show Up on Camera (So Do Werewolves and Fairies and...)

Robert Chan
Yahoo TV
#WaitingSucks, but it's finally over. #TBLive starts now. RT if you're watching the #truebloods6 premiere event.

Sunday's Season 6 premiere of "True Blood" came with a bevy of online extras, including a bunch of goofy pictures posted to Twitter that were as casual and fun as the live preshow was stilted and dull.

Highlights include:

Vampire frenemies Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer reliving their high school days with an awkward prom pic (what — no corsage?). 

Kristin Bauer van Straten mean-mugging the camera.

Cousins Rutina Wesley and Nelsan Ellis hamming it up. True to Ellis's onscreen persona, there are more silly pictures of him from the premiere than of any other cast member.

Pack leader Joe Manganiello doing his best Green Lantern.

Sam Trammell shifting into the form of a GQ model.

Fairie daddy Chris Bauer doing his best Nicholson Joker.

Anna Paquin being coy ... or possibly sneezing.

And Paquin photobombing Skarsgard like a pro.


More photos:

Other fun "True Blood" premiere-related goodies:

  • A Tumblr page where fan confessions are added to pictures from the show (still trying to figure out who submitted "I'm on a popular cable show about vampires in Louisiana and I learned my accent by watching Foghorn Leghorn cartoons" — it could be any of the cast!).
  • A Web game that lets you play as Pam, dodging vamp haters and collecting bottles of Tru Blood — like the old Atari Pitfall with comparable graphics.
  • A hashtag, #showyourfangs, for Instagram and Twitter. Millennia from now, alien archaeologists are going to see these and wonder why we kept tattooing dumb things (moustaches, fangs, lightsabers) on our index fingers. "Maybe they considered the upper lip to be the window to the soul," the aliens will say, and we won't be able to tell them that it just seemed hilarious at the time.

"True Blood" airs Sundays at 9 PM on HBO.