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Entertainment News Pop: Lucy Hale Talks Musical Collaborations At The Young Hollywood Awards!

August 2, 2013

This Pretty Little Liar is working on an amazing album! And if you didn't think Lucy Hale could sing her butt off, you're totally wrong! The multi-talented actress chatted at the Young Hollywood Awards about her upcoming album, and even revealed some clues as to who she could be collaborating with in the future! The Los Angeles Superior Court ruled in favor of Shakira, dismissing the lawsuit filed against her by her ex, Antonio de la Rua. This case was one of three lawsuits that Antonio had filed, claiming that he had a "partnership" in Shakira's income and that he was the brains behind some of her most popular hits. Sharknado fever continues. Syfy's made-for-TV film starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will hit theaters around the country for special midnight showings and it's sold out in several theaters.