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Entertainment News Pop: Kanye West Hearbroken by 'Black Skinhead' Video Leak


Rapper Kanye West has been left heartbroken after an unfinished video for his new track, ?Black Skinhead,? leaked online.

The "Let's Make a Deal" host, Wayne Brady will reprise his role as Barney's brother James in the ninth run of the CBS comedy, 'How I Met Your Mother'.

When the former Law and Order star hit the Conan O'Brien show, they got to talking about her deep, slightly man-ish voice, which led to Conan O'Brien bringing up the love stories that fans are writing online. They just love to put Maura and Jane together, but Harmon just has one little request for you guys writing up your stories.

"I'm always the man in this very lesbionic relationship," she complains to O'Brien. "I want to be sexy. I want to be the girl one time, or maybe twice."