Ty Burrell: Emmys best night ever exclusive

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Ty Burrell is nominated for his role as the fun dad, Phil Dunphy, on "Modern Family."  If this year's Emmys are anything like last year's, when he picked up an award, he better prepare for a long night. He shares stories from the last stop on the party train…

Tell me why last year's Emmys was the best night ever?
It was a night we spent as a cast until very early in the morning, celebrating. It was just a really fun night.

Where did your night end?
The last place we were was the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. It was old-school. It was four or five in the morning.

What was the ceremony like for you?
Oh my god, what is crazy about those nights is that they become a blur. There were so many people there that I admire. Every person there, if you've seen their show, it is like, "Oh, you are so good!" That is what you say all night long to every person.

Any awkward moments?
I'm going to have my wife really check me top to bottom on the red carpet this time. I can't get off the red carpet without photos of powder marks and my tie crooked and a button undone. Those photos are all over.

Bringing the fashion disaster?
There is no red-carpet photo of me without something in my teeth.

Who is in your entourage this year?
I'm bringing my wife, and my brother and his wife this year, as well. We'll have a whole cheering or consoling section.