Two 'Voice' Contestants Share Single Piano, One Looks Like Rick Moranis

Superfan TV

Even though the show's called The Voice, Alicia Keys wanted her team to also use their fingers during the battle round. And while Michael Sanchez and Dave Moisan had to sing a duet, their piano went solo.

During rehearsal, constants Michael Sanchez and Dave Moisan were surprised when their coach Alicia Keys said, "I'd really like you to play piano." They were even more surprised when she said, "I'm thinking just one piano, and then we can kind of, like, switch it out."

The two performed the song "Valerie," while taking turns tickling the keys. All the judges seemed tickled by their performance, particularly Michael. He did so well he received a Rick Moranis complement from Blake Shelton saying, ""What about Rick Moranis, though? That guy's good...Super Moranis."

Michael ended up with winning the round and staying with Alicia, while Adam stole Dave over to his team. So the double piano playing trick worked, especially for Adam who couldn't have been happier with his steal saying, "I remember you so specifically as someone that I was, like, dying over missing. I'm so happy."