Twitter Users Criticize Jimmy Fallon for Not Being Tougher on Donald Trump

The Hollywood Reporter

Donald Trump stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to chat about Fallon's impression of him, Trump's hair and why he decided to go into politics. 

Fallon concluded their chat by asking if he could do one silly thing "now that we're both civilians" (since he could be president next time he appears on the show), asking to mess up Trump's hair - and, after pondering it for a moment, Trump agreed, so Fallon mussed Trump's hair with his hands. 

During their interview, Fallon told Trump, "Donald, this is getting real. … You still have time, do you still want to do this?"

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"You say some shocking things," Fallon told him. Trump retorted: "But I'm trying not to anymore."

After the interview, the anti-Trump crowd on Twitter was not happy with the late-night host, criticizing him of being too soft on the candidate and acting as a "court jester" with a "potential dictator" on his show. 

See some of the Twitter reactions below. 

I don't fault Jimmy Fallon for not being a journalist. I do fault him for his willingness to serve as hell's court jester.

- Mark Harris (@MarkHarrisNYC) September 16, 2016

All liberals right now after watching Jimmy Fallon and Donald Trump on @FallonTonight

- Deplorable Brian (@bkeefer12) September 16, 2016

Jimmy Fallon blew it tonight. Late night comedians used be the court jesters of culture. Humanizing a xenophobe is not okay. #FallonTonight

- Ateeya Manzoor (@Ateeya) September 16, 2016

Can you imagine if Jimmy Fallon took a stand tonight

- Marlow Stern (@MarlowNYC) September 16, 2016

Jimmy Fallon fears that if he ever stops ingratiating himself to whoever he's talking to, they'll notice he's Jimmy Fallon

- Pixelated Boat (@pixelatedboat) September 16, 2016

And Jimmy Fallon unfortunately just showcased a potential dictator on his show and made him like "just another guy." Except he's not...

- Elizabeth (@FeministRainbow) September 16, 2016

@KatyTurNBC I will never watch Jimmy Fallon again. That's how strongly I feel about humanizing a monster

- Empty the Basket (@puppymnkey) September 16, 2016

@zandywithaz @mikeryan counterpoint: jimmy fallon is an entertainer who sees his job as, well, entertaining people

- andy levy (@andylevy) September 16, 2016