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TV's Original Starsky Fights Pot Possession Charge

August 31, 2012
TV's Original Starsky Fights Pot Possession Charge
TV's Original Starsky Fights Pot Possession Charge

Paul Michael Glaser -- best known for playing Starsky in the 1970s cop drama Starsky and Hutch -- is fighting a drug possession charge in Kentucky for allegedly possessing medical marijuana that he says was legally prescribed to him in California.

  An attorney representing Glaser entered a not guilty plea Thursday in Bowling Green, KY on behalf of the 69-year-old actor, who resides in Venice, CA, according to local newspaper The Daily News.

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Bowling Green police charged Glaser with possession of marijuana and a pipe on May 10, hours after he appeared at a reading of his young adult novel, Chrystallia and the Source of Light, to a group of middle school students. He was arrested after someone placed an anonymous call to police reporting that someone was smoking marijuana in a hotel, according to the News.

Glaser starred alongside David Soul in Starsky and Hutch from 1975-1979. The duo played streetwise cops who trolled neighborhoods in their red and white Ford Torino attempting to bust criminals with the help of a police snitch called Huggy Bear (Antonio Fargas).

Glaser is the husband of Elizabeth Glaser, who became a famous and successful AIDS activist after contracting the HIV virus in 1981 while undergoing a blood transfusion during childbirth. Elizabeth -- who died in 1994 - unknowingly passed on the HIV virus to a daughter and a son. Her daughter Ariel died in 1988, but her HIV-infected son Jake, 27, lives today and is very active in anti-AIDS efforts. 

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