Trump Supporters Support Trump's Locker Room Talk

Superfan TV

On The Daily Show, Jordan Klepper went out to a Trump rally in Pennsylvania to see what the people felt about Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood video.

The controversial video has been giving Trump a lot of trouble this week, but his supporters didn’t see any trouble with it.

Most of the people interviewed were echoing Trump’s response to the video, quoting that his comments were just ‘locker room talk’ and that other presidential candidates in the past have said much worse.

A couple of interviewers took to one of Trump’s biggest lines from the video, quoting “grab them in the p***y” in reference, not just to women, but to the Democratic party, and to the terrorist group, al Qaeda.

While mostly everyone was OK with Trump’s words from the video, most of the people admittedly would not talk like him. They also admitted that it really didn’t matter what Trump would say, but they would still vote for him.