Trump on ‘O’Reilly Factor’: Attacks McCain, Explains ‘Shackles’ Tweet

Ken Tucker

Touting an exclusive — “Donald Trump’s first national interview after the debate and the Access Hollywood tape!” — Bill O’Reilly welcomed Trump into his No Spin Bachelor Pad on Tuesday night. The Republican standard-bearer proceeded to take The O’Reilly Factor on a wild ride.

Initially, O’Reilly tiptoed around the Great Billy Bush Summit Meeting as though he was avoiding an exploding-Trump land mine. O’Reilly referred vaguely to “the recent exposition from Access Hollywood” (Bill needs to make “exposition” a Factor Word of the Day and look up the definition). The candidate went into his “it was locker room talk” monologue. Trump then took a swerve into John McCain, who withdrew his support after the Access: Hollywood tape. Trump found this hypocritical: “McCain has probably the dirtiest mouth in all of the Senate!” he bellowed.

Trump also told O’Reilly, “I don’t think I’m that outspoken,” leaving O’Reilly momentarily speechless. But as Trump tweeted earlier in the day, he’s now “unshackled,” explaining that he now feels free to criticize those in the Republican Party who aren’t supporting him: “Weak and ineffectual people in the party, including Paul Ryan,” Trump said.

Oh, and if you thought Sean Hannity was the only Fox News employee providing a cushy showcase for Trump, get this: At the top of the interview, O’Reilly announced a “new ground rule: If at any time … Mr. Trump feels he’s being treated unfairly, he has been asked by me to say that.”

Sheesh. All those universities that provide soft emotional sofas against which students may lay their precious, untroubled heads — you know, all the ones O’Reilly regularly attacks as politically correct — must have had a good laugh at Bill’s own new area: The Factor Safe Space.

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