'True Blood' Star Warns: Don't Trust Russell!

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'True Blood' Star Warns: Don't Trust Russell!

Earlier this week, I brought you part one of my chat with Kristin Bauer Van Straten, talking all about her Kickstarter documentary, Out For Africa. Now, in part two, we dig into the seismic changes Pam has gone through during this season of True Blood.

From losing her maker to becoming one herself, Kristin has been given the meatiest material to date -- and is simply devouring every word, scene and costume. Check out what she says about tonight's all-new episode, what fans can expect from the rest of season five and why no one should believe a thing Russell Edgington says!

TheInsider.com: This Sunday is the episode Stephen Moyer directed -- how did he do?
Kristin Bauer Van Straten: He was amazing. So wonderful to work with, and an incredible director. The episode is sooo good and has some great Pam stuff in it. I was excited to work so closely with him in this capacity.

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Insider.com: What are you excited for people to see in this episode?
Kristin: We're going to see over the next few weeks this big question about who is drinking the Kool-aid in terms of The Authority and who isn't. Obviously I still have this really strong connection to Eric and I'm worried about him -- and then he's got his sister who is also his lover, who is apparently my aunt. We're a very interesting family [laughs]. It's really interesting to see how The Authority and this odd family plays out through the rest of the season,

Insider.com: Pam wasn't a fan of Eric with Sookie -- how does she feel about Nora?
Kristin: She doesn't seem to have a problem right now, but you never know. The sh*t went down so hard recently, so we have bigger problems than that. But you never know what next year holds, and how they will interact in season six. There are always windows open for conflict on True Blood. Pam will always be sensitive to Eric and where he sits in the packing order.

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Insider.com: Russell's return is obviously what you're talking about -- the last time Pam came face to face with him, it didn't end well. But he's seemingly a new man. Should we trust the new Russell?
Kristin: I wouldn't trust Russell as far as you can throw him. That guy can turn on a dime. As an actor, having done scenes with him, Denis O'Hare can also turn on a dime. He's the most amazing actor to watch, so by extension, Russell Edgington is capable of anything.

Insider.com: The scene where Eric released Pam was heart-breaking -- what was it like shooting that, and what can we expect from their inevitable reunion?
Kristin: First, thank you -- Alex [Skarsgard] and I have been acting so closely for nine years, so shooting that scene was just ... every time I even looked at the page or thought about it, I cried. I cried in rehearsal, I cried when the camera was on my back, I can't even express what that scene meant to me, so I was happy the audience felt what I felt on set. Given that level of emotion, anytime I see that my maker is okay, it's like things are okay in the world. He is Pam's rock.

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Insider.com: But Pam has become a maker herself this season -- what do you enjoy about the Pam/Tara dynamic?
Kristin: I have had so much fun bring the Pam-Tara dynamic to life. This has been a whole new area for Pam. Alex and I laugh all day like children. He and Stephen are such pranksters -- but with Rutina, it's been the total opposit -- she cares so much. What's been interesting for me is seeing how the Tara-Pam characters are actually so similar. We're just pushing back against each other and figuring out how I can slap her down while dressing her up like a Barbie doll. It's really comfortable and fun. And she's having a really good time too. I keep welcoming her to the vampire world. I'm like, "It's really good over here." She was just so excited about Comic-Con now that she's one of the supers because, apparently, the humans never got the same kind of love the vampires did at Comic-Con. And I told her, "Yea, the vampire world is great!"

True Blood airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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