Lindsay Lohan guesting on Charlie Sheen's 'Anger Management'

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Lindsay Lohan Guesting on 'Anger Management' as Charlie Sheen Patient

Lindsay Lohan is set to guest-star on Charlie Sheen's FX comedy, "Anger Management."

Lohan hasn't had a great run onscreen lately. Her Lifetime movie about Elizabeth Taylor, "Liz and Dick," tanked both critically and ratings-wise. But perhaps an appearance on Sheen's comeback vehicle can lift her fallen star as well.

In an upcoming April episode, Lohan will play a version of herself and develop "a romantic relationship with Sheen's character after becoming his therapy patient."

The guest spot is good promotional timing since the two star together in "Scary Movie 5," also premiering in April.

Sheen reportedly gave Lohan $100,000 of his "Scary Movie 5" paycheck to help her pay her back taxes -- she owes the IRS over $200,000, dating back to 2009. Though she didn't thank him for three months, it seems Sheen didn't hold that against her when arranging the guest appearance or paying for a red carpet gown she wore to an amfAR gala earlier this month. Sheen even gushed about how "smart and super fabulous" Lohan is to Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" just a few weeks ago.

The two stars have a lot in common -- both have felt the glare of the spotlight through various arrests, drug problems, rehab stints, and career meltdowns. But since Sheen's bad behavior led to his firing from "Two and a Half Men" in 2011, he seems to have gotten (most of) his act together. "Anger Management" has been a solid hit for FX, and his face isn't splashed across the tabloids on a daily basis anymore.

Lohan, however, is still struggling to revive her career. "Liz and Dick" bombed, and a New York Times article about her troublesome on-set behavior on "The Canyons" didn't help matters.

Sheen said he hoped he might give the young starlet some advice about second chances. But Lohan missed a plane to start filming "Scary Movie 5," Sheen said. "I couldn't get her to rehearse it, so we only met in the makeup trailer about five minutes before shooting," he explained.

"I was hoping that she would pick my brain a little bit on the set. That's the one thing that was really missing from the experience."