Trailer: Starz Hits the High Seas in Pirate Drama 'Black Sails' From Michael Bay [Video]

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Starz is set to brave the swarmy high seas in its new drama "Black Sails," whose executive producer is action-film aficionado Michael Bay ("Transformers"). The eight-episode series will not air until 2014, but we already have a sneak peek for you scallywags, and by the looks of it, we're in for a wild ride in rough waters.

"There's a war coming. When the king brands his pirates, he doesn't mean to make us adversaries, he means to make us monsters. If we survive, we must unite behind our own king," says Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) -- the most feared pirate captain of his time -- in an opening montage of bloody fights and Jolly Rogers flying. When he is confronted by a picaroon who says, "We have no kings here," Flint responds, "I am your king."

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The first season of "Black Flags" takes place 20 years before Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate adventure, "Treasure Island," and centers on Captain Flint and his crew. This gnarly group of seafaring people fight for survival under the constant threat of attack in a nefarious land teeming with pirates, prostitutes, thieves, and liars.

But it's not all head scarves, swordplay, sea monsters, and explosions -- the series is airing on Starz, after all; there will be plenty of saucy wenches and steamy sex scenes to round out this spectacular TV event.

"Black Sails" is set to air in 2014 on Starz.