Top Model Hopeful Bombs Acting Challenge on Oxygen's 'The Face' [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

The heat is on as aspiring models go head-to-head against their teammates on Oxygen's top model hunt, "The Face." Unfortunately for some, the modeling biz these days isn't just about how you pose; it's also about how you act, speak, and present yourself.

In this exclusive clip, Margaux Brooke is struggling during an on-camera acting challenge, and she's facing off with her Team Coco Rocha cohort, modeling newbie Stephanie Lalanne -- who struggled last week with her overwrought posing. Even their mentor Rocha acknowledges that Stephanie has the upper hand in this battle: "Stephanie is doing real good right now, 'cause Stephanie has something a lot of the other girls don't have; she's able to give us a character. And Margaux should watch out."

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Margaux then goes on to forget her lines, speak too quietly, and lack energy. This task is definitely not her strong suit. "You could tell that she was not comfortable in her skin, and that makes me very nervous," says Rocha.

To find out if Margaux pulls it together or gets totally outshined by Stephanie, watch "The Face" on Tuesday, 3/12 at 9 PM on Oxygen.