Toilet Goblin 101 With 'Parks and Rec' Star Aubrey Plaza [Exclusive Video]

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Aubrey Plaza — "Parks and Recreation's" talented beauty with a wicked deadpan style — sat down with Ben Lyons, host of Yahoo!'s "The Sidebar," to chat about Amy Poehler's bossy style, Rob Lowe's body, her TV family, and the toilet goblin.

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"What's a toilet goblin?" you might be wondering. It's the prankster's best friend and what Plaza and co-star Chris Pratt used to freak out co-star Adam Scott. Apparently pranks are a common occurrence on the "Parks and Rec" set. "We put it in Adam Scott's toilet. It's this creature that you tape its arms, like, on the lid. When you open the lid to pee, it, like, jumps out at you." She and Pratt found it on the Internet, of course. As for the rest of her Internet search history: "Oh, I can't talk about them on this," Plaza says. That only makes us more curious!

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As far as Poehler's on-set style, Plaza has some strong opinions: "She's always reminding people that she's the one calling the shots, every day of my damn life." But that's not necessarily a bad thing. "She's the best boss ever because she's super-professional and she knows how to have fun, but she also kind of has, like, an authoritative presence. But she's, you know, a boss you want to listen to."

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As far as Lowe goes, "I touch his body every time I see him. I touch it all over and just feel what's happening." Doesn't sound like a bad gig. And what about that TV fam dynamic? According to Plaza, "Amy and Nick [Offerman] are like the parents. And Rob Lowe is like the creepy uncle. And Aziz [Ansari] is like the neighbor. And it's like a weird alternate family situation."

"Parks and Recreation" will return to NBC this fall. Plaza's rom-com, "The To Do List," hits theaters on Friday, July 26.

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