Tionna Smalls Teaches Swag 101 on New MTV Series 'Girl, Get Your Mind Right!' [Exclusive Video]

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"We fly. We know it. We ain't too afraid to show it." This is the fabulous motto of Tionna Smalls, author, relationship consultant, and the woman with a plan on MTV's new series "Girl, Get Your Mind Right!" Her mission on the show is to help young women break bad relationship habits, get over the dating drama, and identify and tackle their personal issues by dishing out a healthy dose of her all-out sassy straight talk.

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In this exclusive sneak peek, Tionna -- who attempts to help a different girl in each episode -- is on the scene to save the day with swag. Her subject: Alexis, who wants more confidence so she can be that "it" girl. Lesson No. 1: Boobs up, "ass always out," and walk like you mean it. "And then people are like, 'Who the hell is this girl?' You know what I mean? … Swag is all about the walk," Tionna says.

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More lessons: Be touchy with yourself and the person you're interested in. "But not slutty touchy," Tionna warns. Also, when receiving a compliment that makes you giggle, laugh leaning back instead of forward; it means you're used to getting compliments, according to the girl-power maven. Hey, it looks like Alexis is catching on quick!

"Girl, Get Your Mind Right!" premieres on Monday, 5/20 at 6 PM on MTV.