Tim Meadows Used to Prank-Call Public Access TV Shows as the Ladies Man

Tim Meadows was on Thursday’s Late Night With Seth Meyers and talked about the origins of arguably his most famous SNL character — the Ladies Man, Leon Phelps. In the early stages, the character’s name was Rutiger, and Meadows used to call in to public access TV shows to hone his skills.

“I would write out questions and points to make so I didn’t get thrown off,” Meadows said of his ritual. “I would have a really intelligent conversation.”

The Saturday Night Live alum said that he would work on the character in the summers when the show wasn’t taping.

“All my other friends were like, you know, Sandler and those guys were out making movies during the summer. I was, like, doing prank phone calls,” Meadows said, drawing a big laugh from Meyers and the crowd.

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