Throwback Tuesday: 'Teen Wolf' Nabs 'Desperate Housewives' Twin Hotties [Video]

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Max and Charlie Carver in the "Desperate Housewives" episode, "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow" and "Teen Wolf" Season 3.
Max and Charlie Carver in the "Desperate Housewives" episode "You're Gonna Love Tomorrow" (left) and on "Teen Wolf" Season 3 (right).

Yes, the twins from "Desperate Housewives," Max and Charlie Carver, are old enough to make out with Terri Hatcher. It's 2013. Times change. Apparently, so do bodies.

About 20 seconds into the trailer for Season 3 of "Teen Wolf," something very exciting happens. Abs-olutely ripped, shirtless (duh) twin guys appear. And if they look familiar, it's because they played the trouble-making eldest sons, Preston and Porter, of Lynette Scavo (Felcity Huffman) on the hit ABC drama after the series flash forwarded to the future in its fourth season.

Deadline reports that for their roles on "Teen Wolf," the brothers will be playing twin (duh) alpha werewolves who are "dangerous charmers with brilliant minds" — and, don't forget, bodies!

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Even if you were a "Desperate Housewives" fan, it's OK to stare. It's not like you babysat them or anything.

And because the glimpse of the Carvers in the trailer was just too brief, here's a video of them in the gym pumping iron (you're welcome!):

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 premieres Monday, 6/3 at 10 PM on MTV, and Season 2 is now available on DVD.