Throwback Thursday: The 'Suite Life' of the Sprouse Twins in College

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Cole Sprouse and Dylan Sprouse

It's no secret that normal kids do weird stuff when they're in college. And when former child stars matriculate, well, we get to read about their odd antics online. Witness the Internet abuzz with news about NYU undergrads/video game enthusiasts Dylan and Cole Sprouse, aka Zack and Cody from the Disney Channel's hyperinnocent "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" and spinoff "Suite Life on Deck," millennial bastions of canned laughs and hotel/cruise ship puns. And who could forget them as Ross's son on "Friends" or that cute kid on Adam Sandler's "Big Daddy"?

Let's start with Cole, because he gets points for growing such long, luscious locks. Fangirls were stoked when Cole started a Tumblr account. The thing is, shortly thereafter, he used his Twitter account to say that his Tumblr account was just "a social experiment." We don't know what he expected, but when fans got mad (duh!), he got all defensive and tweeted about collegiate experimentation (blah blah blah) in a tone that Amanda Bynes would probably condone.

Both brothers are into the tech stuff and use their Twitter accounts to wink-wink/pat themselves on the back for not doing meth and instead becoming, you know, adults:

And Dylan talks a lot about video games:

Dylan, who is majoring in video game design, did an interview a few months ago about video games and such. The real reason you should watch this video, however, is to see him talk with a toothpick in his mouth. That's so mafia:

Dylan also has mad game when it comes to getting publicity. He tweeted about being on the front page of Reddit, a feat about which his college classmates can only dream. How does a kid make that happen? Easy! You go on a YouTube talk show ("Outtakes With Natalia") and you blast Disney for ripping you off.

His long-winded tale breaks down like this: Child actors turned adolescents want producer credit, so they pitch a story to Disney. They get laughed out of the room and then are invited back into the room, where they find themselves on the receiving end of their own pitch with promises of Selena Gomez onboard. In the video, Dylan is angry, obviously. He says he wasn't motivated by money; he wanted to keep the staff of the long-running franchise employed.

There's another weird part of "Outtakes" where Dylan says he'd probably never date Selena's pal Taylor Swift: "I am of the demographic that does not think she is that cute." Which means that "The Suite Life in a Mansion Full of Guitars and Plush Pillows in Coastal Rhode Island" is another spinoff we'll never see.