Three unbelievable things Paula Deen has eaten

Claudine Zap
Yahoo! TV

Queen of Southern home cooking Paula Deen has changed her ways now that she's revealed she has type 2 diabetes. But what exactly did the master of deep frying have to give up? Seeing the food featured on her show makes Deen's recent 30-pound weight loss even more of an accomplishment. Let's take a look at three of her most extreme recipes.

Doughnut sandwich
Not many people would consider doughnuts to do double-duty as bread. But Paula would. Her "lady's brunch burger" involves a meat patty, a fried egg, and strips of bacon, all sandwiched between two doughnuts. Even more unbelievable -- this carnival ride of a sandwich is something she actually suggests making as a late-morning meal.

Deep-fried mac and cheese
Here's another over-the-top brainchild of Paula Deen's -- her motto seems to be she's never met anything she couldn't deep-fry. (Deep-fried bagel sandwich, anyone?) The dish is exactly what it sounds like: the classic comfort food, covered in breadcrumbs and dumped into bubbling oil. Aside from being a heart attack on a plate, what's not to like?

Deep-fried butter
This recipe is the essence of Paula Deen. If you have absolutely nothing else left in the fridge, reach for the artery-clogging condiment, mix with cream cheese, scoop into balls, coat with breadcrumbs, and, yes, throw into the fryer. The recipe never makes clear in what context this dish would be served: Dessert? Midnight snack? Your own funeral?

Now that the Food Network host has gone healthy, she says she has eased up on her high-calorie choices. Instead, the newly svelte chef loads up on vegetables and allows herself fried chicken only once a month. "I double up on greens -- whether it's salad or vegetables -- and my carbs are just a spoonful."

And for dessert? So long, deep-fried cheesecake. The Southern cook goes for a sensible bowl of "sugar-free ice cream with strawberries and blueberries on top." 

(All photos courtesy Food Network)