‘The Walking Dead’: A Major Death Is Spoiled for New York Comic Con Fans

(Credit: Image Comics)
(Credit: Image Comics)

Warning: Spoiler ahead for issue 159 of The Walking Dead comic books.

New York Comic Con-goers who attended Thursday’s Skybound Entertainment panel with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman had a juicy little spoiler dropped on them if they hadn’t read the latest issue of TWD comic book.

Though we don’t know who’s on the receiving end, we do know that one of the beloved members of Rick Grimes’s group, who was in the semicircle of doom in the Season 6 TWD TV series finale, will be gruesomely murdered by the barbed-wire-covered bat affectionately called Lucille by her charming sociopath of an owner, Negan.

(Credit: AMC)
(Credit: AMC)

But know this: In No. 159, the newest issue of TWD comic book, Lucille meets her own end. And — here’s where you can for a moment savor the delicious irony — her end comes as Negan uses her to beat another apocalyptic survivor, only to have the only thing in the world he truly cares about splinter into pieces.

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Yup, Negan kills Lucille. And he totally loses his s***, he is quite unhappy about this surprising turn of events. No worries, comics readers… We won’t spoil specific details of the action in issue 159. But TWD TV viewers, doesn’t it feel like a smidgen of justice against the weapon that will spell the end of a fan-favorite character in just a few short weeks?

Sean Mackiewicz and was moderated by The League star (and comic book fan) Jason Mantzoukas (Credit: Yahoo TV)
Jason Mantzoukas, Robert Kirkman, and Sean Mackiewicz. (Credit: Yahoo TV)

More interesting tidbits from Thursday’s NYCC comic book panel, which also included Skybound Entertainment editorial director Sean Mackiewicz and was moderated by The League star (and comic book fan) Jason Mantzoukas:

* Kirkman revealed he had originally planned to kill Negan off in the comics shortly after Negan killed Glenn in issue 100, but he couldn’t; he liked the big baddie too much to end his comic book run.

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* Kirkman had also planned an earlier death for Glenn in the comics. In fact, Glenn’s death story had been written and a comic cover drawn to reflect it when Kirkman changed his mind and spared Mr. Rhee for a while longer.

* He insists he’ll never reveal it in the comic, or on The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead TV series, but Kirkman says he knows what caused the outbreak that led to his universe’s zombie apocalypse. His reason for not revealing it on the shows? It would make them “too sci-fi.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres Oct. 23 at 9 p.m. on AMC. The Walking Dead comic book issue 159 is available at ComiXology.com.