The ten TV couples we'd most like to hang out with

Angel Cohn
Television Without Pity

With Valentine's Day around the corner, we take a moment to celebrate not necessarily the best relationships on TV, but the pairings who seem like they'd be really cool to spend some time with.

10. Haley and Dylan ("Modern Family")
The recent episode with them as a little "family" taking care of the new baby and Lily was actually kind of charming... and if they've found a way to keep Lily (or Lucy) in check, we're all for the two of them together. Plus, we'd just sit around and brainstorm ideas for animal related T-shirts.

9. Lily and Marshall ("How I Met Your Mother")
There's not a lot of positive things to say about "HIMYM" these days, but Lily and Marshall are still cool... even if they frequently forget that they have a child. We'd sit at the bar with them and stage intervention after intervention for Ted (and possibly the writers) until something finally stuck. Hell, it's not like they have anything better to do.

8. Ruxin and Sofia ("The League")
We don't have the sports savvy to actually comprehend the fantasy football league, but we're pretty sure the only way we can figure out what makes this couple work is to spend some time with them. We also want to be there when her brother Rafi is around because you just never know (and, probably in most cases, don't want to) what is going to happen. Also, maybe we'd get a Terrific Lady Day shopping trip out of the deal.

7. Mike and Molly ("Mike & Molly")
Despite our fear that we may walk in on something illegal or disturbingly sexual in nature just by walking into that house, Mike's kind of a loveable lunk and Molly's a fairly intelligent lady who happens to be slightly obsessed with having a family and they are very well suited. Even better: If the newlyweds ditch us to go procreate, we can always hang out and eat delicious pot brownies with Victoria.

6. Jules and Grayson ("Cougar Town")
Wine. And more wine. And access to Grayson's bar where we presume we'll get even more wine. Jules and Grayson are fine and funny, and for sure we'd kick ass if we played any sort of movie trivia game with them because Jules is nothing but a liability. But mostly we're in it for the copious amounts of wine.

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5. Zoe and Wade ("Hart of Dixie")
These two are kind of a mess and still coping with a lot of issues in their fledgling relationship, but somehow they are entertaining together. She's neurotic, he's laid-back, we may have to sit and share dinner at the Rammer Jammer (which is a dicey proposition), but since we'd be with a doctor, we'd feel better about consuming a meal there.

4. Amy and Sheldon ("The Big Bang Theory")
We'd never have thought Sheldon would have found a girlfriend, but then we never knew of the existence of Amy Farrah-Fowler. She willingly agrees to his bizarre contractual relationship rules, and we'd love to sit and watch movies (don't worry, we know where "not" to sit) and eat Chinese food with them, and just geek out and watch her desperately try to make their relationship more physical.

3. McGarrett and Catherine ("Hawaii Five-0")
Sometimes we might like a little excitement in our lives, and these two seem to have action following them around. It would be a thrill to be in with them when she helps him out on a case, and we wouldn't be able to stop ourselves from swooning when he does some grand romantic gestures (see the recent tux on the beach episode) to make up for his demanding job.

2. Bryan and David ("The New Normal")
How cute are these guys? They've really developed into such a sweet pair of expectant dads who just genuinely like spending time with each other. The way they've brought Goldie and Shania into their family is just adorable, and have you seen the parties they throw at a moment's notice? We'd be living in the lap of luxury and surrounded by all the rock candy a person could eat.

1. April and Andy ("Parks and Recreation")
How aren't these two already our best friends? He's like a hyper puppy and she hates everything -- we'd never be bored around them at all. Maybe a little skeeved out at their living situation, but there's Purell for that. Best of all, we'd get to play with Champion.

Watch April and Andy tie the knot in this classic "Parks and Rec" clip:

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