The Secret to Getting 'Vampire' Blood Out of Your Hair

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"The Vampire Diaries" - "Kill or Be Killed"
"Kill or Be Killed" - Candice Accola as Caroline in "The Vampire Diaries" on The CW.

Even if the blood on "The Vampire Diaries" is fake, it's still as messy as the real stuff. So what do the cast members do to clean up after a bloody scene?

"Shaving cream," reveals star Candice Accola (Caroline). “You leave it on for a couple minutes and then it washes right off. Especially in your hair … it's impossible to get out otherwise."

Accola sat down with "The Daily Shot's" Ali Wentworth to dish about what fans can expect after tonight's heart-stopping finale. Her character will come to a major crossroads, she teases. The writers told her, "'We’re either going to have Caroline go behind door A, B, or C.' And they’re completely different storylines!"

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And with Caroline and Elena (Elena Dobrev) graduating, "We’re going to see our characters go off to school. Some of the characters might travel."

Past storylines have already taken the characters to New York, New Orleans, and other places around the world. She notes, "It's not unheard of to, all of the sudden, see these characters in a new place."

Watch Accola chat about fan requests, boyfriend Joe King, and more:

Watch a preview of the season finale:

The season finale of "The Vampire Diaries" airs Thursday, 5/16 at 8 PM on The CW.