The Russian ‘Good Wife’, The Turkish ‘O.C.’ and a Look at American Television Abroad

The Good Wife is rushin’ to be remade. That’s right, the CBS legal drama gets a new lease on life with a remake from Russian production company Lean-M a national network NTV that airs in 2017. The American version already has a following in the Land of Putin, so this 16-episode local version should be instantly popular.

Previously, the Julianna Margulies show was remade for South Korean television, but unfortunately we don’t have any Korean-speakers in the Yahoo Studio, so we can only assume that like the American version, this one is also very, very good.

American TV has a long history of being remade in other countries, like a Russian version of Full House with a not-so Jesse & the Rippers theme song. Metástasis was a Colombian version of Breaking Bad that looks almost like a shot-for-shot remake of the original with a very familiar opening credits sequence. There’s also an Indian Everybody Loves Raymond, but apparently, the nasally Ray Romano voice didn’t cross borders.

Or check out the Turkish version of The O.C., because Istanbul and Orange County have the same SoCal vibes and creepy sleeping dolls. There is also an incredible remake of Arrow from the Philippines that clearly has an enormous budget for prop weapons and special effects.

Tell us what you think! What’s your favorite foreign remake of an American show? It’s Pinoy Arrow, right? Because if it’s not, you’re wrong. Hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram or leave your comments below. And check out our host, Khail Anonymous, on Twitter.